Improving Collaborative Efforts in Workforce Development

In the present construction environment, large organizations and construction associations act as leaders in the industry with promoting positive pathways for the present and future workforce. Amazing individual efforts are made throughout the country for promoting the industry. However, a paradigm shift is needed that brings independent associations and organizations together to overcome the current workforce shortage. No longer can organizations work in their individual silos with improving the nation’s workforce. Collaborative efforts between independent associations is required now.

We hope to identify the bright spots in workforce development in the construction industry, identify how associations can work together on this problem, and understand how barriers to collaborative efforts can be eliminated.

Objectives of the study
1. To identify different strategies that construction associations/organizations are using to deal with workforce shortage.
2. To determine whether construction associations are collaborating to offset workforce shortage.
3. To identify the drivers and barriers of collaboration among construction associations.

Organizations working on this project