Devoted to research that is applicable to promoting the construction industry, attracting future workers and educating the industry.


The construction industry’s number one risk today is the shortage of workers. Across North America, construction related associations are working independently on attracting future construction workers. was founded with the goal to promote the industry through value-adding research that leads to a more collaborative effort to reduce the labor shortage.

WorkConstruction.Org is composed of researchers and educators originating from the construction field. Their experience makes them uniquely qualified. Their professional experience includes working side by side with construction workers and researching with the top construction firms and associations in the world. 


our Services


We provide educational materials that help new and current construction workers.


We conduct research with companies and organizations to enhance recruiting and talent management specific to the construction industry.


We provide talent management and leadership development consultation with construction firms.


Director, Educator, Researcher 

Boise State University

Anthony Perrenoud PhD

Educator, Researcher 

University of Oklahoma

Ben Bigelow PhD

Educator, Researcher

University of Oklahoma

Matthew Reyes Phd

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